Choosing the Best Acoustics Solution for Your Interior Design

When redefining interior design, you will pay attention on the looks such as placing furniture in the right place, choosing matched colours for the painting, as well as deciding the style of room to showcase certain vibe you like. However, only a few people pay their attention on interior acoustics. When you build or buy homes, acoustics are often the last thing on your mind. It’s even rare for people to think actively about what their dwelling sound like. It often happens as a case which you just realize after problem arises.


To create pleasant-sounding rooms, you need to balance room acoustics which can absorb, reflect and diffuse the sound. Everything needs to be balance includes the sound in your room. When the sound is too much absorbed, the room will sound lifeless and dull. When it’s reflected too much, it will make small room sounds loud and unpleasant. When the sound is diffused too much, it will be difficult to localize where a sound is coming from.


Furthermore, you need the best interior acoustics for your interior design. That’s why Autex is here to help you fix noise problem in your house or apartment. Autex only produces premium acoustics solution that you can rely on. If you are wondering on how you should choose Autex over other products, here are the reasons:

– Autex is leader in acoustic innovation, dedicated to product development and provide specific solution for every acoustic requirement.

– With only premium products, you can control reverberated noise and create ideal as well as productive environment for any type of room.

– All Autex interior acoustics are made from 100% Polyester Fibbers. Thus, there is no chemical binders. They are also certified low VOC. They are safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic, as well as contain no irritants.

– Autex products are lightweight and easy to install, as well as suitable for new build and retrofits. They are also highly durable and providing long term stability. Besides, all Autex Interior Acoustics are fire rated under ASTM E-84.


Good room acoustics are seldom noticeable. Therefore, the acoustics properties of a room should be designed properly based on different activities. You don’t need to rent concert hall to get a good acoustic. Here are examples of Autex products that will help you to fix noise problem for your interior design:

Cube is lightweight semi-rigid panel made with solid colour throughout. It offers design flexibility without the need for edging or cappin

Composition is an acoustic and decorative wall fabric. It’s a simple option for you to manage echo. It creates a durable interior solution as well.

Symphony is a simple yet sophisticated high-end solution to controlling noise in interior environments with a range of over 25 colour

Quietspace 3D Tile is a  premium sound absorption. Minimise noise in the interior environment and create unique finishes and features.

Find more products of Autex interior acoustics for every problem you have related to noise. With Autex, the interior design of where you are living will be more ideal and pleasant.