MAD TALK The Shape Of Sound In Interior And Architecture

In today’s architectural environment, good acoustical design isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Acoustics impacts everything from employee productivity in office settings to performance quality in auditoriums to the market value of apartments, condominiums and single-family homes. The acoustical design for a business conference room, for instance, differs greatly from the design needed for a kindergarten classroom. Meanwhile traditional acoustics heavily concern on the function while aesthetically unpleasant, Modern acoustics implies differently. With advance technology, modern acoustic are built based on functional and practical aspects but with no fail brings the aesthetics value to the design.

Understanding these, Highpoint as one of leading companies that bring acoustic solution to Indonesia, wants to deliver the knowledge of modern acoustics and it’s value to society.

Therefore HighPoint brought to you “ The Shape of Sound In Design And Architecture”. In this rare event, the principal representative of AUTEX Global, Nathan O’brien, will talk about the importance of Acoustic and how modern acoustic implementation in Design and Architecture.

The event will be held in MAD Gallery, Wahid Hasyim, Jakarta on 29th August 2018, at 2pm. Snack and refreshment will be served. Bring your name card and have a chance to get our fantastic door prize.

Come and join us, RSVP your seat to Lizet: +62 812 1270 3123