New Product Decorative “Laminate Rustic Style”

Why Choose Laminate “Rustic Style” ?

Kaindl’s incredible synchronisation technology will impress even the keenest of eyes.

Kaindl have a bold approach to flooring. Their aim; to redefine a room with their laminate floors. They focus on the marriage between nature and technology into a single unit, resulting in a floor with the sensual appeal of real wood, yet the technical subtleties of a multi-layered construction.
True innovators in their field, their Kaindl Natural Touch range uses sophisticated synchronisation technology to match the structure of a surface to the décor image, meaning that each product will feel how you’d expect it to; like real wood.
•    Strong focus on aesthetic value
•    Combination of nature and technology
•    Looks and feels just like wood
•    Highly durable